Saturday, September 1, 2012

Meet The DDL Franchises! Pt. I

Thus far, I have focused on the strengths and weakness of my franchise, the Rich Liberal Trendy Cause. However, nine other owners have assembled teams in the DDL, and it is against those nine teams that the Cause will strive to be victorious. Here they are:

Fourth Ward Bandits - Owned by Kerry
Best Player - LeSean McCoy, RB
Strengths - Running Back Starters, Wide Receiver #1, Above Average at QB and TE
Weakness- Running Back Depth

The Bandits drafted McCoy 1st overall, and snagged RB Darren Sproles at the 2/3 turn of the draft. Sproles finished 7th overall among running backs last season, making him a superior RB2. Greg Jennings starts at wide receiver, and he will challenge the top 5 WR list this year. And finally, with Eli at quarterback and Antonio Gates at tight end, the Bandits will only rarely find themselves at a disadvantage at those positions. Unfortunately, running back gets mighty thin after Sproles, so bye weeks and injuries could make it difficult to fill the RB2 slot each and every week with a competent starter.

Global Maple Syrup Reserve - Owned by Amanda
Best Player - Ray Rice, RB
Strengths - Running Back Starters and Depth, Wide Receiver Starters
Weaknesses - Wide Receiver Depth, Quarterback

The Reserve found great value at 5th overall in Ray Rice, who will be in the running to be the best player in fantasy this year. Their other running backs (Stephen Jackson, Doug Martin, Pierre Thomas, Evan Royster) fill a lot of different roles, from steady veterans to high-upside rookies. At wide receiver, Larry Fitzgerald is always good, and Miles Austin has top-10 upside. However, the rest of the WR corps is lacking. The biggest weakness of the team will probably be at quarterback, where Tony Romo and Matt Ryan will struggle to keep up with production from the likes of Rodgers and Brady.

Sahara Snow Pleopards - Owned by Shamar
Best Player - Toss up between Marshawn Lynch and Roddy White
Strengths - Running Back Depth and Wide Receivers
Weaknesses - Quarterback, Tight End, RB1 if Lynch doesn't repeat last season.

The Snow Pleopards have a fantastic trio of wide receivers in White, Wes Welker, and Marques Colston. Moreover, they have several starter-quality running backs, and so will be able to absorb injuries and byes relatively easily at that position. They do lack top-tier quality at running back, though - Marshawn Lynch was probably a reach in the first round, and he must have a phenomenal season to prove worthy of that investment. Also, Tony Gonzalez and Matt Schaub come with question marks at tight end and quarterback.

Draft and Draught Dream Team!  - Owned by Brian
Best Player - Aaron Rodgers
Strengths - Quarterback, Running Back(if MJD proves to be viable)
Weaknesses - WR2, Running Back(if MJD does not prove to be viable)

The league's defending champion took the MJD gamble, and his other starting running back, DeMarco Murray, is a bit of a gamble as well with his injury history. The Dream Team! will rely heavily on Aaron Rodgers to keep the week-to-week score high enough to absorb a lack of depth at other positions. However, he is the best quarterback in the game, so he should handle that just fine. I also worry a bit about any team featuring the New York Jets prominently, and Santonio Holmes currently resides in the starting lineup of the DDDT.

(Part II to come)

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