Saturday, September 15, 2012

Subpar Quarterback Awareness Day

The Rich Liberal Trendy Cause are glad to announce they will be hosting a "quarterback donation drive" to raise awareness and QB options for the Draft and Draught Dream Team!

"It is a travesty to see a defending league champion spend a high draft pick on someone like Aaron Rodgers, only to have him score 10 fantasy points in a prime time game. Just a shame," said Kevin Doyle, owner of The Cause.

"If anyone has a quarterback lying around, feel free to bring him in. Even gently used QBs like Matt Cassel or a McCown brother will do, but we would also appreciate donations of former Green Bay backups like Matt Flynn. No quarterback will be turned away!"

Spokespeople for the event went on to strongly suggest that, though they said any quarterback would do, anyone planning to donate Brandon Weeden are strongly urged to consider bringing someone "a little more talented."

The event will be held Sunday.

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