Monday, September 10, 2012

Sunday Report

Week One is (almost) in the books, with all but two NFL games completed. This means that it's time to take stock of went went well, what went poorly, and what went weirdly for the Rich Liberal Trendy Cause, as well as how the week's game against the Fourth Ward Bandits is proceeding.

The Good
Early Success For Our Draft Strategy - Tom Brady was the picture of consistency, with 236 yards and 2 TDs, good for 17.5 points. Jimmy Graham was stellar at tight end, with 85 yards and a TD. As these were the players I targeted most strongly in the draft, I'm quite pleased with the early results.

Shonn Greene Proves That Opportunity Is Key - Shonn Greene did not look particularly great today, despite taking part in a 48-28 drubbing of the Bills. But, once the final whistle sounded, he had 27 carries for 94 yards and a TD, good for 15.4 fantasy points. Hey, if you can't win by skill, win by volume!

Bench Shows Early Promise - The jewel of the team in Week One didn't even make The Cause's starting lineup - CJ Spiller started Sunday in the wrong side of a 65/35 carry split with Fred Jackson, but ended the day with 169 rushing yards and a touchdown, with FJax limping off halfway through the game. How long Jackson is out remains to be seen, but the coaches can't help but notice that kind of production, particularly since he showed similar levels of skill towards the end of last season. Also, Lance Moore put up 120 yards and a TD for the Saints, and Randall Cobb caught 9 balls for 77 yards for the Packers, and he also returned a punt for a touchdown. I'll be keeping an eye on all three, and Spiller in particular may find himself starting as early as next week.

The Bad
OMG DeANGELO WILLIAMS - D-Will was due for an expanded role because of an injury to committee mate Jonathan Stewart. He has had top-5 fantasy running back value in the past. He isn't that old, and he just signed a big contract. So why. The hell. Did he run the ball. 6 times. For -1 yards. ARGH!

Hakeem Nicks Underperforms - Wide receivers can be spotty in their scoring, and Nicks came into the week a bit banged up. His 38 yard game doesn't worry me in the slightest, especially since the entire Giants offense seemed a bit sluggish. They will be fine going forward.

The Moment Where I Hated Fantasy Football
I had forgotten how cruel this game was. The Cause were cruising to an easy victory late Sunday night, when Peyton Manning threw a screen pass to the Bandits' Demaryius Thomas, for a 70 yard touchdown. Bang! Suddenly the Bandits have a chance. You gotta love (hate) this game!

Looking Ahead To Monday
The Rich Liberal Trendy Cause lead the Fourth Ward Bandits, 75.3-60.5, with two Monday night games to go. The Cause still have The Law Firm at running back to play, while the Bandits will field Antonio Gates and the Ravens D/ST. The projections have us winning 89-78, but I'm going to be sweating out that late night game featuring the Gates of Hell - one long touchdown and we're smoked. Tune in tomorrow for a recap!

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