Friday, September 7, 2012

Smack Talk: Cowboys vs Giants

(All messages via text)

Brian, owner of the Draft and Draught Dream Team! and avid Cowboys fan: Go Cowboys!
Kevin, owner of the Rich Liberal Trendy Cause, and diehard Giants fan: Oh right, i forgot there was a game tonight! I thought this was just a banner raising party, my bad.

: Nope a banner burning party :)
Kevin: wait, but the cowboys dont have any banners to burn, thats sad. Oh wait we can lend you one, we have so many

Brian : You might want to go check Out dallas stadium we have a few banners hanging in there. I realize you might have missed them while being in awe of our fabulous stadium

: Isnt that the stadium we won the opening game in, and then eli signed the wall of the locker room? Yeah i know that stadium

Brian : Yeah the stadium we don't have to share with the jets

: lol i dont think there's room for the egos of the cowboys AND the jets in one stadium. Btw how's dez? Did he hit anyone else's mothers or just his own?

Brian: So we have a flair for the dramatic big deal. At least we aren't gonna be starting the season 0_1

: hahaha fair enough. Good luck tonight brah, should be a good one! I missed football

: It will be good to see hoe the giants use david wilson. Im glad football is back too without a hold Out or anything. Just a bunch of injured running backs.

The Cowboys went on to defeat the Giants 24-17. No banners were burned during the course of the event. The Jets did not show up during the game. Neither Eli Manning nor Tony Romo signed the locker room walls. Dez Bryant did not punch any mothers, his or otherwise. David Wilson had 2 carries for 4 yards, with one lost fumble. The Giants remain the defending Super Bowl champions, despite the loss.

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