Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Draft and Draught Films Presents: 2008

On the frozen tundras of Every Field, 32 NFL franchises competed to amass as many yards and touchdowns as they possibly could. Their motives remained unclear, but what was clear was that, for the franchises of the Draft and Draught League(DDL), these statistics would propel one lucky squad into fantasy football history.

Fresh off of a respectable but disappointing runner-up finish, The Laserwolves became the Secaucus Mighty Phragmites and looked to return to glory. They turned to superstar quarterback Tom Brady to lead them, as well as the talented running back, Steven Jackson. Little did they know that disaster was about to befall the proud franchise.

Just eleven minutes into the season, Tom Brady's leg was shattered by a vicious illegal blow from Bernard "The Assassin" Pollard. With him could have gone the hopes and dreams of the city of Secaucus, but like the determined swamp grass for which they were named, the Mighty Phragmites plugged the hole and soldiered on.

They were pushed onward by rookie running back sensation Matt Forte, who had a singular talent for scrounging a double digit weekly score even when the odds seemed stacked against him. A midseason trade for wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald also helped the Phragmites, and by season's end they were 7-6, and 3rd overall in total points scored.

The Phragmites won their opening round playoff game, and faced the number one seed Jolly Green Giants in a hotly contested semifinal.  However, it was not to be for the fearless Phragmites of Secaucus, as poor play from fill in quarterback Jay Cutler and recent acquisition Fitzgerald led to their demise. The quest for a title would have to wait, but the franchise learned that, no matter the odds, they would never quit, and they would always do their best.

The Jolly Green Giants fell to the Brooklyn Maelstrom in the final, and Brooklyn became the second franchise to lift the Draft and Draught Championship Cup.

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